Friday, May 25, 2012

Patrick's Wraps

I don't know how many of you out there know Patrick Boyle? Well to say the least he's a pretty talented guy! Patrick has been wire wrapping for a little over 2 years. What is wire wrapping? A wire wrap is when you take precious stones and wrap high quality silver, copper or gold to secure them in a unique piece of jewelry. His designs are getting better and better with every new piece he creates. Whats unique about his creativity is that he prefers to make custom jewelry for people he knows and loves. He often will make wraps for music artists that travel into Boston which helps get his name out there and creates a unique friendship with new people. He has made wire wraps for artists such as Opiuo, Space Jesus, Lespecial, BBP, Skytree and the list continues. Like what you see? Contact him for a custom order! You choose your price range and what ever stones you love and he will make one for you on the spot, trust me I know, I happen to be the girlfriend of this jewelry maker! Remember wire wraps become memories, sacred jewelry that you keep for a lifetime, share the beauty with yourself!

Patrick Boyle


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