Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Festival FASHION

With festival season already started I want to share some of my favorite festival styles. Music festivals have greatly inspired Inde and Bohemian fashion. Some of the newest trends for summer this year are looks that you will see at your favorite festival. What I love about these styles is that you can mix and match them and basically no rules apply! Pairing your favorite cut off shorts, indian fringe boots and funky shades are an instant hit! Versatile fashion is the way to go these days, whats better than being able to create your own look and still look stylish while truly showing your personality. Festivals give you the freedom to feel free and have no worries, showing that you can wear what ever you want is an added bonus. Boutiques like Planet Blue an Free people are well known stores that sell this image of fashion. I like to make my own looks by cutting up recycled fashion or sewing a colorful dress. Festival fashion has inspired summer trends this year more than ever. You can wear what you wear at a festival and still wear it day to day for a chic summer look! Don't be afraid to pair your colorful outfits with fancy head dresses and tribal makeup, anything goes with festival trends, what's more fun than that!?

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