Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Color Never Looked so Good

This summer colorful, bright makeup is bigger than ever. Were talking about using the easiest accessory that can change or enhance any outfit, your lipstick. when choosing lipstick for summer you can well choose any color, bright red, orange, purple, and my favorite, bright pink, are the perfect shades for any time of day, it is no longer worn just during the evening. The lipstick trend for summer is making bold statements all across the runways and now on women where ever they go no matter what their doing. Why not enhance your sexy or update your look with this easy magic trick, just apply a funky or classic lip color!

bright red will always be classic


Sexiest in nude

Who knew orange lips could look so cool

Covergirl lipstick is my go to,  lasts all day and is affrodable

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