Friday, June 29, 2012

Dipped and Dyed

One of my favorite trends ever is the dip dyed trend!! Ombre hair has been big this summer as well! Colorful dyes make your look one of a kind and unique. These bright hues will never look boring when worn at that summer event or concert! Try the dip dyed style today and learn how to make your own!

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Interested in making your own dip dyed fashion? Follow these simple steps!

What you'll Need

Plain article of clothing ( white works best)

Scissors if you want to add fringe


RIT dye

  1. Cover work surface with a plastic cover 
  2. Prepare Dye: Wearing rubber gloves, shake liquid dye bottle and measure ½ cup liquid dye or 1 box powder dye into a disposable container. Add 1 cup salt and 4 cups very hot water.
  3. Pour dye solution into a 3-gallon plastic bin or container. Add 2 gallons very hot tap water and a squirt of liquid detergent; stir well.
  4. Wet clothing and squeeze out excess water. Wrap two-thirds of (what ever you dye)  around a dowel rod. Immerse bottom one-third third of cloth in dye bowl for 10 minutes, gently moving it back and forth and up and down
  5. The dip the mid section of the clothing into the dye carefully, let sit for 5 more minutes.
  6. Remove clothing from dye and rinse out excess dye.
  7. Rinse the fabric under cool water first, then warm water until dye runs clear. Wash garment in warm water and detergent, then dry.
  8. using scissors cut fringe in a t-shirt, dress or jeans (thin strips of fabric at your desired length)
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