Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kat Von D : A Role Model

I'll admit I have a total girl crush on kat Von D. Besides that she's a total bad ass,  It might because she is a phenomenal tattoo artist, has the coolest tattoos I've ever seen,  owns an amazing make up line sold at Sephora or that she has an epic clothing line. Which ever reason it may be Kat Von D is a role model for strong women. If you have ever watched her show, La Ink, you may have noticed she has been through her highs and lows but clearly has been able to over come all her obstacles and create a one of a kind franchise that we all can adore. I look up to her for that and her overall creativity is outrageous! Whether you love or hate tattoos, her make up line has makeup for every woman at affordable prices, same goes with her clothing line, it is truly beautiful and simply artistic. This just leaves one question, When will she create her own shoe line!?

Kat Von D Sephora Ad

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  1. so so true ! shes just awesome :D
    xoxo <3