Saturday, July 14, 2012

Get Gorgeous Locks the Easy Way!

I have spent countless dollars to make myself have longer hair, from extensions to way to over priced supplements, I have tried them. To me long hair was always a goal I felt that I could never grow naturally by myself. If your like me and have always wanted long gorgeous hair, I have found some easy, natural and even better....affordable solutions!! 

First lets start with Biotin. Biotin is a natural vitamin that aides in hair and nail growth. It is found in numerous hair and beauty products as well. Biotin helps cell growth and the development of fatty acids and the metabolism of fats and amino acids. For hair growth I go with 5000mg. I found Natured Bounty to be a great brand found at CVS and Walgreens it cost between 7-12 dollars.

Coconut oil. Coconut oil has numerous health benefits but I found that it even can help your hair grow! Use coconut oil in your hair before shampooing. apply evenly on hair and let it penetrate and soak for about 20-30 minutes once or twice a week, then rinse and use shampoo. You can find coconut oil at the grocery store in the health food isle. It cost about 10-15 dollars.

 Choose the best shampoo and conditioner. There are two brands that I found work the best for hair growth. These are Head and Shoulders and Main n' Tail products. Head and shoulders gives you a clean scalp with allows hair to grow easily. Main n' Tail was originally made for horses to keep their mains looking long and gorgeous but now humans can use it and it has the same growing affect for our hair. You can get both of these at most drug stores and they cost about $7-$12.

Get Hair Volume. Volume is my favorite hair supplement its a little more costly, about $20. Volume  contains the natural growth factor procyanidin B2, extracted from apples, this has been found to increase hair growth. It contains millet extract, organic silica and B vitamins, which also help boost hair growth and volume. My hair grows almost 2 inches a month when I use this product! 

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These four products are what help my hair grow, I can't promise that your hair will grow by using them too but it is worth a try to get those gorgeous locks you desire!

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