Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lookin Good.

 My apologies for not making a new post in awhile! Ive been busy with life stuff, job stuff all that stuff you have to do after you graduate college and you no longer have the luxury of skipping class and eating get the picture. Anyhoo I wanted to show you two of my friends fabulous looks! The first picture is my friend Holly! I think she nailed this one, stripes with denim shirts is one of my absolute favorite styles and I love how she paired it with pearls and black jeggings! 

Next we have Alyssa if you know me you probably know her she is my life partner not really and I make her model for me when I'm to lazy to try clothes on. Here we have a super cozy shaw that fits like a glove (literally) around your shoulders. Alyssa paired it with a polka dot blouse and purple jeans. After a few embarrassing attempts in trying to but that furry thing on as a skirt, she got this look right and Anthropologie loved the enthusiasm.

Anthropologie $3000

Ohh..and this couch is KILLING It.
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