Thursday, December 27, 2012


Here it is, I'll say it. I have contemplated deleting this blog for many days now. Yes it has helped me get job interviews and explore my creativity but for some reason I just cant seem to think of new topics to blog about that would interest you. I'm into fashion, I love food, I have a new job and I still am working on modeling, you would think I would have some inspiration. Well I haven't, not until today. I was reading numerous blogs today ranging anywhere from topics like vegan recipes to puggles in sweaters. Then, like a slap in the eye, I got inspired again! I decided that I will keep this blog, I will also continue to post real things that occur in my life. This new year to come I will post fashion pictures of outfits my friends enjoy, new recipes and healthy lifestyle tips for all type of diets including my new kick, the Paleo diet and most importantly, I will keep you entertained and remind you and myself to never give up!

That being said I just wanted to show you some of my boyfriends new wire wraps he has made this week (he made almost 20 in 2 days!). His work is beautiful and I am so proud of him to say the least. His talent is incredible and he inspires me everyday not only with his art but with his passions and kind heart (mushy love stuff gross ;P).

Being santa's little helper

Rudilated quartz ring also my xmas gift!! (AMAZE BALLS)

Alien watch

See more of Patricks work at and HERE. Lets not forget about my cat MONSTER...

Love you and if you follow my blog I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! I'll step up my blog game starting right meow. :D

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